Raspberry Pi Roundup - 8th August 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 8th August 2016


Andre Maia Chagas and his team, comprised of LL Prieto Godino, A Arrenberg and T Baden, have developed a Raspberry Pi-controlled microscope called FlyPi and entered it into the Hackaday Prize competition. Here’s what Andre has to say about the project:

Our plan with this project is to develop a complete opensource and cheap device for scientific experiments (data collection and analysis) and diagnostics (if they are “microscopy based”).
So far we were able to perform some proof of principle experiments in life sciences (Fluorescence and calcium imaging, opto and thermo genetics essays) and to perform diagnostics of the following parasites: Loa loa, Brugia Malayi, Wuchereria bankrofti, Schistosoma eggs, Mansonella perstans

It’s a fantastic and, above all else, useful project that combines that Pi with a camera module, an Arduino, 3D printed parts and various other bits and pieces. You can read more and see pictures and video here and also here.


Raspberry Pi Foundation magazine The MagPi has published its August 2016 edition. It’s packed with interesting stuff including a huge feature on Windows 10 IoT and a feature on programming Olympics-inspired games with Scratch. There’s also the usual mix of reviews and news and, as always, it’s always worth getting hold of a copy. You can purchase it from us or through the iTunes or Android app or alternatively just download the PDF from here. More information about the issue can be found here.

Affordable ROV

California-based Blue Robotics has developed an affordable ROV solution using a Raspberry Pi. The Pi is used in their advanced electronics package for extra computing power and to stream 1080p video up the tether. You can read a lot more about it on their website.

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