Raspberry Pi Roundup - 5th July 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 5th July 2016


James Mitchell loves photography. In fact, recently he took pictures of the moon with a Raspberry Pi – you can see the results here. Now, he has moved on to taking photographs of 360 degree panoramas. To do this, he’s used 8 Raspberry Pi Zeros (all with Pi cameras) hooked up to 2 Raspberry Pi 3s over OTG. With a little help from his friends at Pimoroni, James arranged for a casing to be built (as you can see above) to hold everything in place. You can read an introduction to the project here. Further posts will be coming over the next few weeks with more detail.

Scratch book

The Foundation & The MagPi announced that they have produced a new book. This one has 13 chapters focused on programming with Scratch. Although a print date has yet to be announced, you can download the PDF for free or purchase it via Android or iOS.

Minecraft selfies

There are some great resources over at the Foundation and a new one has just been added. This one uses the Pi camera to take a ‘selfie’ and then converts the RGB data into Minecraft blocks. If any of them are TNT (and they should be, cos TNT is cool!) you can have hours of fun blowing yourself up. Take a look at the resource here.

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