Raspberry Pi Roundup - 12th August 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 12th August 2016

Pi Wars

Just a quick reminder: applications to enter Pi Wars 2017 are now being accepted. More information about the event, which takes place on 1st-2nd April next year, can be found on the Pi Wars website. If you would like to enter, please find the application form here.


The Pi Podcast has just published their latest episode. This one features an interview with teacher (and all round lovely person) Hannah Mills as well as all the important news from the Pi world. You can listen to the Podcast here. On a sad note, the team has also announced that this is to be their last episode due to other commitments.


You wait ages for an ROV powered by a Raspberry Pi and then two come along at once. Following on from Blue Robotics ROV the other day, the Foundation has blogged about OpenROV and their new Trident platform which has a Raspberry Pi 3 on board. Take a look here.

Boot from USB

Gordon Hollingworth has announced, over on the Raspberry Pi blog, that the Raspberry Pi 3 can be booted from USB mass storage devices. Information on how to do it, and which devices have been found (so far) to be compatible can be found on this page. Further boot modes, such as over Ethernet, will be explored in future blog posts.

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