Pokemon fun, PIXEL tweaking and Raspberry Pi OS baking in today's Raspberry Pi Roundup

Pokemon Indicator

The Ruiz brothers over at Adafruit have found a way to create a Pokemon tracking device by hacking into the Pokemon API. Warning: make a separate account because this is definitely against their terms of service! They use a Raspberry Pi Zero and a special 3D-printed case which has three LEDs to indicate what type of Pokemon is nearby – common, rare or legendary. All the code is on Github and you can find instructions and the files for 3D printing over on the Adafruit tutorials hub.

Tweaking PIXEL

Alex Eames has been playing about with PIXEL, the new desktop environment for the Raspberry Pi. He’s documented how to change/remove the splash screen, how to disable menu tooltips, how to change the background graphic and how to find the desktop icons. Read here if you want to customise your experience.

Pi Bakery

Kicker22004 has done a great introductory video to PiBakery, the pre-boot configuration tool for Raspbian written by David Ferguson. You can take a look at the video below and take a look at PiBakery yourself here.