Introducing the Jam Hat

Introducing the Jam Hat

The Jam Hat is here! We've teamed up with York Pi Jam to bring you the perfect Raspberry Jam companion. The Jam Hat is the ideal HAT to get you started with programming GPIO Zero on the Raspberry Pi.


What's on the JamHat?

The Jam Hat has six LEDs - two red, two green, two yellow, two "push to make" Buttons and a tonal Buzzer. You can create a twinkly light display at the press of a button or serenade your friends with the dulcet tones of the buzzer.





Who is it for?

Great for beginners, Jam organisers, classrooms and anyone looking for a simple board to learn about hardware programming. It can be used with Scratch and Python via GPIO Zero v1.5 (thank you to the GPIO Zero team for their hard work on this board).



What can I do with it?

You can link the buttons, buzzer and LEDs together to make a 6 note scale example






The lovely Ben Nuttall from the Raspberry Pi Foundation made this fabulous theremin example using the Jam Hat, an SR04 ultrasonic sensor and 4 lines (!) of GPIO Zero:



What resources are there?

Getting started guide, some example code is available now and printable worksheets for Jam organisers are coming soon.




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