Eben Interview at ARM TechCon

Eben Interview at ARM TechCon

The following video shows an in-depth interview with Eben on the 'Raspberry Pee' (Watch the video and you'll get it). Also, the Raspberry Pi won the award for 'Best in Show' for hardware design at TechCon. Congratulations!

The key points covered are as follows:

  • Who's involved with the Raspberry Pi
  • What the Raspberry Pi Foundation is about
  • Show and tell about the Raspberry Pi board
  • What is the overall aim of the Raspberry Pi Foundation
  • Areas of marketing interest
  • Information about creating the board
  • Why the Broadcom chip was selected
  • Where is investment coming from
  • Information about SD cards and USB memory access
  • Loads of general information about the Raspberry Pi

It about 12 minutes long and definitely worth a watch!

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