Claire Pollard joins ModMyPi

Claire Pollard joins ModMyPi

Digital Marketer, Software Engineer and all round good egg Claire Pollard is joining ModMyPi as Technical Marketing Manager to help grow ModMyPi's established shop and build a vibrant source of Raspberry Pi projects, tutorials and event blogs.


ModMyPi have been a staple in the Raspberry Pi community since 2012. They were the one of the first companies to design and manufacture injection molded cases for the Raspberry Pi and have since expanded into one of the leading providers of high-quality accessories and kits for the maker community.

Claire has a background in CAD translation and brings over 7 years of engineering, software design and marketing experience to ModMyPi. She is a regular at Raspberry Pi events such as PiWars, Cam Jam and Raspberry Fields and provides YouTube commentary to the autonomous Raspberry Pi racing series Formula Pi. Claire says "I'm thrilled to be able to combine my passions for engineering and marketing with this new position at ModMyPi. I can't wait to get started building new projects and I hope to bring the world along with me for the ride! Also, I don't know how Gordon Freeman did it, crowbars are heavy".

Claire will be publishing regularly on the ModMyPi blog and across all social media channels with tutorials, new builds and reports from community events.

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