A piece of art made from a gun, a BMO replica from Adventure Time and a smart alarm clock in today's Raspberry Pi Roundup

Gun Art

Constantine Zlatev, Kostadin Ilov and Velina Ruseva have taken a disabled shotgun and some salvaged industrial components and created a musical instrument. Called The Last Gun, is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino and uses compressed air to play different tunes through the barrel of the gun. Determining what is played is done based on a graph of US arms exports from the 1960s to 2010. If the amount of exports rises, the tune becomes more sombre; if the exports fall, a more upbeat tune is played. You can see more pictures on Constantine’s blog here and watch a video below:

Adventure Time BMO

NinjaBunny9000 has created a life-sized replica of BMO from Adventure Time. The case is 3D printed and the buttons on the front are routed via the innards of a generic SNES controller. The battery can last for around 24 hours and he has added a wireless games controller as well for the full range of controls. The software side is RetroPie and is displayed on an 8-inch screen. You can see more photos of the build on his Imgur page.

Smart Alarm Clock

Here’s a nice 3D printable project for you. fgebhart has used a Raspberry Pi Zero, some prototyping board, an alphanumeric display, an amplifier and a 3D-printed enclosure to build a smart alarm clock.

It has the following features:

  • text to speech synthesizer
  • three ways of wake-up sound:
    • play local mp3 files
    • play internet radio station and
    • play latest news as podcast (independent to the alarm time)
  • set alarm via smartphone or any other computer
  • runs Apache2 server
  • automatic display brightness adjustment
  • audio amplifier volume control
  • 3D-printed case
  • built-in tactile switch
  • alphanumeric display shows text
  • 3W speaker definitely wakes you up!

You can find the files for the 3D printing here, the code here and an Instructable on how it all fits together here. An assembly and demo video is below: