Raspberry Pi Roundup - 18th February 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 18th February 2016

Dr Who

Phil Atkin, who has previously done a lot with integrating synthesizers with the Raspberry Pi, has now pulled off a bit of a coup. He has installed and run his software on a Raspberry Pi Zero. He has then sequenced the Doctor Who theme on it and recorded it. Full technical details can be found on the Foundation’s blog here.


Adding wi-fi to your Zero has been done before but this is a really nice video, so I thought I’d feature it.

NODE has taken the innards of a wifi dongle, some thin wires and a Pi Zero. He’s then soldered the whole lot together to provide wi-fi to the Zero and then taped the innards to the Zero. I’m not sure about the idea of having the wires go over the GPIO, but it is a neat solution. Instructions including a wiring diagram are available in his video below.


Niels Affourtit has put together a brilliant project, one of my personal ‘holy grails’ – a submersible drone controlled by a Raspberry Pi. He put the Pi together with some 3D printed parts, some sensors and an HD camera. The drone updates a web-page with the output from the sensors and is currently tethered with an Ethernet cable. You can see a video of the drone below:

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