Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th February 2016

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 11th February 2016


A bunch of amateur hackers from Gloucestershire have created a digital scoreboard for their cricket club using a Raspberry Pi. The Pi acts as the master controller for an Arduino which controls the 7-segment displays. The interface is then accessed via a tablet or laptop and the scores updated remotely. It’s a lovely project, especially considering the group didn’t have any electronics knowledge or experience and they had to rely on tutorials and resources on the Internet to put it together. You can read lots more, including how to do it yourself, on their blog.


Scott Turner has combined a couple of other tutorials to enable you to program a gesture interface that will control a model of an X-wing in Minecraft. He builds upon the work done by Martin O’Hanlon and others and adds theSkywriter HAT into the mix. Read how to do it here.


The boys from the Pi Podcast team continue their streak of excellent broadcasts with their new episode. This time, in addition to a news round-up, they cover RetroPie which is an operating system focusing on retro gaming.Listen to the podcast here.

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