Raspberry Pi Roundup - 17th November 2015

Raspberry Pi Roundup - 17th November 2015


On 2nd November at Christie’s in London, five new artworks by Prince Nikolaos of Greece were unveiled. They are known as Soundwalls and feature a huge video display powered by a Raspberry Pi. The Pi also provides a soundtrack to the exhibit using a pre-selected playlist. The unveiling was attended by Prince Michael of Kent and King Constantine of Greece as well as many other luminaries from the arts field. You can read more about the technical capacity of the Soundwalls by going to their website.


With Astronaut Tim Peake going up to the International Space Station next month to run experiments on two Raspberry Pis, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched a revamped AstroPi website. The website gives information about the original competition, the winning entries, how to get involved by using the SenseHAT and lots of information about Tim Peake and his mission. See the new site here.

Gravity Pong

The guys at Norwegian Creations have created a game called Gravity Pong. It is a 4.5 metre high ball-bouncing game which uses 1792 individually controllable RGB LEDs and it is controlled by a Raspberry Pi 2. For more details, read their blog

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