Raspberry Pi Roundup - 29th September 2015

Coding Evening

This time, The Pi Podcast guys have interviewed Cat Lamin about her Coding Evening initiative which aims to bring together educators and professional technologists.

As well as the interview, the Podcast is packed with Pi news including the new touchscreen which was released recently. Definitely worth a listen.


Fibbef wanted to enter the 2015 Game Boy Classic build-off. He came up with the idea of meshing together a Game Boy and an electric guitar. A plexiglass shell is the main body and inside is a Raspberry Pi running RetroPi. You can read his build log and entry here.


Fred Sapey-Triomphe and Yann Guidon were hired to liven up the entrance to a temporary railway station in Mons, France. The project is called ElectroSuper and is comprised of a 42m long ceiling screen made out of six sections containing 2800 LEDs each. That’s 16,800 LEDs in total. The project took two months to produce. There are four infra-red sensors at the entrance to the “tunnel” which detect the number of visitors and this figure affects the images that are displayed. It will run for a year and the images are also affected by the time of year. The whole thing is master-controlled by a Raspberry Pi Model B+ which runs in read-only mode to protect the SD card. When it is running at full-pelt, the image transmission only takes up to 15% of the CPU. You canread an interview with the pair over at Linux User and Developer or watch a video of ElectroSuper in action below:

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