Raspberry Pi Roundup - 14th September 2015

Magic 8 Ball

Carrie Anne Philbin has written a lovely new resource for the Raspberry Pi Learning Resources website. It uses the recently-launched SenseHAT to create a Magic 8 Ball. You ask it a question and then shake the whole Pi and HAT (triggering the accelerometer) to get an answer on the LED display. It’s a simple concept but is a lot of fun and a good weekend project. Get started here.


“severdhed” bought an old SNES for $10 and refurbished it with lots of cleaning and a new paint job. He then added a Pi and rigged the original buttons up to the GPIO. He added RetroPie to give the full retro-emulated experience. Read more and see his build notes here.


Daniel d’Entremont has done something faintly ridiculous. He’s taken a small, working fridge, cut a hole for a screen and some more holes for buttons and turned it into a Game Boy-lookalike console. He admits that it’s all a bit unwieldy for actual gameplay, but who cares when it looks this cool! Read more here and see a work log here.

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