Raspberry Pi Roundup - 1st September 2015


Over at PubNub, they’ve been using Java to do some great things. This time, they’re using it to interact with a Leap Motion. Movements in the user’s hands are replicated with servos. Attached to the servos are some 8×8 LED matrices. It’s all great, blinky fun that is, with the right equipment easily reproduce-able. Take a look here.


Joe Ressington, Isaac Carter and Albert Hickey have teamed up to create “The Pi Podcast“. Their first episode is now online and is all to do with Ubuntu MATE, which is now available for the Pi.

Listen to the podcast here.


Adelaide-based Matt Shaw wanted an arcade machine of his very own. His solution? Take an old wine barrel and adapt it for the purpose. He used a work-surplus monitor as a display and then cut a form-fitting fibreboard box to hold all the controls and the Pi. Surprisingly, he didn’t need to solder anything! He uses the PiPlay distro as the basis for the software. Read more about it here.

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