Raspberry Pi Roundup - 20th July 2015


Ismail Uddin over at ScienceExposure.com has done a lovely tutorial, with accompanying code, that mines the London Underground API for tube line status information and then changes a NeoPixel ring to give you an idea of how well everything is running. Read more here.


Four students from Imperial College, London (Bálint Rikker, Csongor Kiss, Sicong Li and Toby Shaw) teamed up for their first year final project. The project aimed to re-write classic shooter DOOM to the Raspberry Pi via 9800 lines of ‘bare metal’ code (i.e. ARM assembly code and no operating system). To control the game, they created a custom controller and hooked it up to the GPIO. You can see the results of the project in the video below.


Olivier Matis has written a programming tutorial which shows you how to use an I2C barometric/temperature sensor (the good old BMP180) from within Window 10 IoT. Take a look here.

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