Raspberry Pi Roundup - 14th July 2015

Social Networks

Richard “Average Man” Saville has built on Spencer Organ’s work on his PiTFT Internet Radio to create a “social network monitor”. He uses web-page scraping to get the data he needs (such as number of followers on Twitter, number of ‘likes’ on Facebook) and then displays it onto the PiTFT using Pygame. The work is completely documented as a tutorial and, as usual, he’s done a bang-up job on it. Read how to create your own Raspberry Pi social network monitor here.


Wired magazine have published an article about a group of Harvard engineering students who have built themselves a brisket smoker. The students embarked on the project as part of one of their engineering modules at the University and have come up with something that they may end up commercialising if the figures work out. The smoker uses a Raspberry Pi and algorithmic programming to maintain the temperature of the oven. Read more

Light Tower

Instructables user  has created a truly great tutorial. In it, he shows you how to build a highly visible internet monitor. The Raspberry Pi is used to ping a site on the internet and then, based on the response, switches the lights in a light tower from red to amber to green. The Instructable is very long, very comprehensive and covers both the hardware build (including a laser-cut wooden case) and the software, virtually line-by-line. Read the Instructable here.


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