Raspberry Pi Roundup - 6th July 2015

Internet of Things

The guys from Soldering Sunday have done a nice Instructable which shows you how to hook up a light-dependent resistor and DHT11 humidity/temperature sensor and take readings from them. The readings are then uploaded to online service ThingSpeak so you can see trends and graphs etc. It’s nothing new (as they themselves admit) but it is nicely done. Read more here.


Justin Platz and Kevin Gleason from PubNub have published a tutorial that uses the Raspberry Pi camera module to take pictures and then upload them to online service Parse. The program hooks into a PIR sensor to detect movement then uses OpenCV to detect faces. The upload only happens if a face is detected. For fun, they overlay superhero masks onto the faces! All the code is available and there is also a wiring diagram for the PIR. Read more here.

Line following

Matt Timmons-Brown continues his long-running series about robots with episode 3. This episode covers setting up your 4tronix Pi2Go Lite robot to follow a black line on a white background. As usual, Matt’s video is clear and informative and he’s done a great job cutting it together. You can watch the video below. Head over to YouTube to leave him a comment!

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