Raspberry Pi Roundup - 2nd July 2015


Issue 35 of The MagPi is out now and it’s a great issue featuring lots of articles, tutorials and reviews. I won’t go into listing all the contents this time – you should just head over to The MagPi page and download it! One thing in particular to note: this issue contains information on subscribing to the print version of the magazine which will be available on 30th July priced at £5.99. You can save around £1 per issue depending on which subscription offer you take up.


Here’s a nice tutorial from Stuart Andrews in which he creates a nautical-themed game using Scratch. If you want to get started with Scratch, this is a pretty good beginners tutorial. Read it here.


Kurt Roesener has written a tutorial which gets you up-and-running doing Bitcoin mining on the Raspberry Pi. He uses a Linux distribution called Minera and takes you through downloading, installing and then using the image. Well worth a look if you want to get into this use for the Pi. Read the tutorial here.

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