Raspberry Pi Roundup - 6th May 2015


Pete Taylor, over at Kimondo.com, has written up his project to create an old-fashioned Swingometer. The Swingometer at the moment does not track the General Election results (on account of us not having had the election yet!) but instead “scrapes” a URL to obtain a number for the swing reading. It’s great stuff and Pete shows us how to wire up the servo that controls the swing arm and also the code he uses to drive the servo to make the arm move. Read about it here.


 has written an excellent tutorial on creating a cluster of Raspberry Pis (just two to start with) and using them to do some parallel programming. He uses the MPI library in Python to set-up communication between the two Pis. It’s a really interesting article which explains a lot about parallel programming and messaging protocols. Read it here.


Richard Deininger has built a Squeezebox using a Pi and an Adafruit PiTFT and encased the whole thing inside a surplus NATO ammunition box. A Squeezebox is a network streaming device that sends MP3s over a LAN. Read about how he built it here.

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