Raspberry Pi Roundup - 5th May 2015

The Big News

When the Raspberry Pi 2 was launched, there was much hoo-hah about it being able to run Windows 10, and that it would be free. After much speculation, discussion, deliberation and outright mis-information, we eventually found out that the Pi wouldn’t be running the full desktop version but instead it would run some kind of embedded version suitable for developers, rather than home users who “just want Windows”. Following the first day of Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference, it was announced that the preview version of “Windows 10 IoT” is now available to download and install on your Raspberry Pi. You can get started installing the new operating system by visiting the Getting Started guide.


When the ZX Spectrum was launched in 1982, chapter 19 contained a programming problem: use the BEEP command to play Mahler’s first symphony funeral march. Well, some programmers from Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science, led by Matt Westcott, have taken 12 Spectrum computers and networked them together with a Raspberry Pi. The Pi controls the individual Spectrum computers in order to achieve playback. Read more here.


The Foundation have just published the latest issue of The MagPi, the official magazine. On the front cover this month, it highlights articles on:

  • A super-test of the main desktop-type operating systems available for the Pi.
  • An article on SSHing into your Pi.
  • A celebration of Picademy as it hits its first anniversary.
  • An article on manipulating objects in Minecraft Pi Edition
  • A round-up of some of the best cases available for the Pi.
  • A tutorial on creating an IoT alarm clock
  • An article on using BBC iPlayer on the Pi
  • And more

Head on over to the MagPi website to download the issue for free.

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