Raspberry Pi Roundup - 27th April 2015

Big Data

Carsten Mönning over at the SAP Community Network has written the start of an intriguing seriesof blog posts on creating a Hadoop cluster with several Raspberry Pi 2s. This initial post just covers setting up Hadoop on a single Pi, and future instalments will go into further depth on getting a proper cluster set-up and interacting with it. This is an extremely useful skill to learn and I hope people follow the series as it progresses. Read the first part here.


The guys over at Hypriot have been using Docker a lot. In this instance, they use Node.JS to drive a set of NeoPixels from the Pi. In the example, they use the Pi’s 5V power supply to provide the power directly (although this is not recommended) and an Adafruit level shifter to convert the PWM signal on pin 18 to 5V to provide the signal required for the NeoPixels. Read more here.

Lights, Camera...

Connor Yamada has done a nice write-up of his project to create an ‘action camera’ with his Raspberry Pi and Camera Module. The results are mixed, to say the least, but it does show what is possible with a bit of 3D printing know-how and a bit of help from Alex Eames and his RaspiCamcorder script. It also shows the limitations with the camera module and capturing high-speed footage. Read more here.

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