Raspberry Pi Roundup - 13th April 2015


The Cambridge Raspberry Jam (aka CamJam) is one of the biggest Raspberry Pi meet-ups in the world. The next one is on 6th June at the Institute of Astronomy and will feature talks, workshops, a marketplace and show-and-tell of Pi projects. Why not come along and find out why this Jam is considered one of the best! Book tickets here or find out more here.


Taking his inspiration from the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s weather station, Kevin Kingsbury has taken a lot of components and built his own. The station includes a wind speed gauge, a wind direction finder, temperature, humidity, pressure and light sensors and a rain gauge. He’s written the whole thing up as an Instructable and uploaded all his code to GitHub. Read the Instructable here.


Ferdinand Thommes has written a guide to installing and using the Ubuntu Snappy Core distro on the Pi. It’s only a small guide but it shows you how to update Snappy and also how to roll it back if the update isn’t to your liking. Take a look here.


John Browning over at Engadget has written a great tutorial about using a piece of software called ‘Stella’ to emulate the Atari 2600. He takes you through installing the software and then configuring it to play the ROMs which you need to download separately. Read it here.

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