Raspberry Pi Roundup - 4th April 2015

We hope you enjoyed our little joke about the Raspberry Pi Model C - it was all about having a little bit of fun!

To 'make up' for the joke, we're pleased to publish a 'bumper' issue with four news stories!


Tyler Spadgenske has written an Instructable that shows you how to create your own mobile phone using a Raspberry Pi A+. He 3D-prints a case for the phone and then fills that case with components including an Adafruit FONA board (which connects to the mobile network once you insert a SIM card). It’s a great project that was probably based on Dave Hunt’s PiPhone work. Read Tyler’s Instructable here. It contains all the information you need, including a link to his ‘operating system’ which is the GUI script.


Here’s a good Instructable on getting your Pi set-up to act as a web server. It uses Python and a library called Flask in a script which creates the server on-the-fly. This is an excellent introduction to Flask which can be used, for example, to create a web interface to control a robot or other Pi-based project. Take a look here.

Job opening

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking for a new member of staff with experience in education: Head of Curriculum Development. Here’s what they say about the post:

The Raspberry Pi Head of Curriculum Development is a full-time position, reporting to the Head of Education at the Raspberry Pi Foundation. In this role the successful candidate will be responsible for creating a curriculum to direct the development of all education materials generated by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for both formal and informal learning.

For more details, including how to apply, go to their website.


Fashion brand Rapanui, who power their factory by wind turbines, have set-up a Twitter account which you can tweet in order to get a t-shirt made. You simply tweet a picture to @tshirtplease and a Raspberry Pi, which has monitored the Twitter account, sends commands to their system to generate a custom t-shirt based on that image. You can read more on the Foundation’s blog.

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