Raspberry Pi Roundup - 3rd March 2015

Apologies for the lack of Roundups over the past few days. I've been co-running the Raspberry Pi Big Birthday Weekend and it took up all my time! But now I'm back on the blogging trail, so here's three stories to get you started.

The Big News

Rachel Rayns and Ben Nuttall are heading up a new initiative – Creative Technologists. Here’s what they have to say about it on the blog:

The Raspberry Pi Creative Technologists is a mentoring programme for creative people interested in technology aged 16 – 21 years old. If your passion is the creative arts, and you’re wondering how you can use technology to enhance that, this is for you.

It sounds absolutely brilliant, and could really be the way forward for reaching young people on a personal level. You can read more about it on the Foundation blog, including how to apply.


Simon Johnson has written a brief tutorial on how to import a custom map into Minecraft: Pi Edition. It’s pretty straightforward and you’ll soon have things like night-time and animals. This doesn’t turn it into ‘survival mode’ but it does mean you can transfer interesting environments onto the Pi. Read how to do it here.


Phil Atkin has been experimenting with bringing synthesizer software to the Raspberry Pi. Normally, this kind of equipment can cost £1000s but he is proving that the $35 Raspberry Pi is more than up to the job. Hackaday has just covered his work here and you can read more about his experiences on his blog here


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