Raspberry Pi Roundup - 2nd Feb 2015

Raspberry Pi 2 - The Huge News

There's just one news story worth telling today: the launch of the Raspberry Pi 2.

The new version of the Pi sports a quad-core ARMv7 processor running at 900mHz (per core, obviously) and 1GB of RAM. It's compatible with most of the cases you've already got, including our FLIRC case, and all the peripherals you've already bought. It runs at around 6x the speed of the existing B+ with the same great, low power consumption.

And the best thing? It's still fundamentally the same price - $35. You can pick one up from us at The Pi Hut for £30 + delivery (or make it up to £50 for free delivery).

If you'd like to know what the differences are between the Raspberry Pi 2 and other models, check out these comparison guides for the B+ and the A+.

You can read and watch a great deal more about the Raspberry Pi 2 by heading over to the Raspberry PiPod's post that details the best of today's coverage.

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