Raspberry Pi Roundup - 22nd Jan 2015


Jamie from The Pi Hut and Mike & Tim from Cambridge Raspberry Jam will be at the Bett show in London on Friday making a presentation about the CamJam EduKit, which is an affordable way to get into programming and electronics with the Raspberry Pi. Contact us on Twitter if you'd like to meet up during the day!


In Edmonton, Canada, a piano has been placed in their Underground train system so that anyone can play it. It’s the brainchild of David Rauch (who you can see in this video) and his OpenPianoYEG project. The special thing about this piano is that it’s connected to the internet. The piano has a Raspberry Pi embedded into it which records the public playing music, converts it to MP3 and then uploads it, tweeting to the @OpenPianoYEG twitter account. Read more about it in this Edmonton Journal article.


Richard Hayler (who wrote an excellent blog post on generating 3D text inside Minecraft) has also written some code which will scroll text across a Unicorn HAT.Read his blog post about it here. You can buy a Unicorn HAT for £25 from The Pi Hut.


The folks at Joypad Bar (@joypadbar, joypadbar.co.uk) in London wanted to set-up a voting booth that allowed people to vote on which retro game would be played next. They got a Raspberry Pi and some huuuuuuge buttons and wrote some Python that would detect votes and keep a tally. You can see the results of their work and how they did it here.

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