Raspberry Pi Roundup - 1st Dec 2014

Christmas Tree

Tom Stratford backed Andrew Gale’s recent Kickstarter for a GPIO Christmas Tree. He’s now got it and he’s posted up a short build review over on his blog. Read it here. If you’d like to get hold of your own Christmas tree and solder it up, you can get it from us at The Pi Hut for only £6.


Jan Tielens has written up his procedure for installing and using Mono on the Raspberry Pi, giving you a low-power ASP.NET platform. He uses Arch Linux as the operating system, so you may want to decide if it’s right for you. Read his tutorial here.


The National Trust’s Bodiam Castle and creative agency Splash and Ripple have collaborated on a new interactive experience. The experience, which takes the form of an interactive murder mystery, uses devices called ‘Echo Horns’ carried by the visitors to tell the story of the mystery, as well as educate visitors on historical events. The Echo Horns carry a Raspberry Pi and some RFID wizardry and allow visitors to choose their own story by following clues. You can read more about the project over on the Raspberry Pi Foundation blog.

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