Raspberry Pi Roundup - 28th Nov 2014

The Big News

Today's Big News comes from us at The Pi Hut. We've just launched a brand new case, in partnership with FLIRC who make the FLIRC infra-red remote receiver for the Pi. It's made out of cast-aluminium and costs £13 (inc VAT) which makes it the cheapest metal case you can get for the Pi. It's been well-received so far with reviews from both the Raspberry Pi Pod and RasPi.TV. You can buy the case from our online store.


Over at Philtopia, Phil has been seeing what the Model A+ can do. He’s installed MAME and tried out various games and also tried (successfully) to watch full HD videos from YouTube. It’s really reassuring how far 256MB of RAM can get you. Read more here. You can get a Model A+ from us here for £18 (unless you're reading this on Black Friday weekend, in which case it's even cheaper!).


Mark Williams has written a tutorial in which he downloads and compiles an alternate X-windows desktop environment called ‘matchbox-desktop’. It is a very minimal environment but works well with small touchscreens such as the PiTFT or the PiScreen. Read the tutorial here.

Mark is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for BerryIMU which is a tiny combined accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. Take a look at the campaign here.

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