Here’s a great video from Carrie Anne Philbin on her YouTube channel the Geek Gurl Diaries. In this, she uses the Pi, a Pibrella, some motors and bits and pieces, together with a Python script, to create a ‘digital garden’. It’s a nice proof-of-concept and should be easily extendible when you reproduce it. Should make for a nice Christmas project for families.


Wellington, New Zealand resident Warren was asked to record the hatching of an endangered species: the tuatara. The tuatara is a reptile that is rapidly dying out thanks to some stowaway rats from the 17th Century. So, he used a PiNoIR camera, a macro lens and a custom case to set-up a time-lapse of the process. You can see the results of his endeavour in the video below and you can read more about the project on his blog here.



This Instructable tells you how to modify an old Gameboy with a Pi. Tim G has used a Raspberry Pi Model A and various other, fairly cheap, components in this tutorial which should be possible to replicate if you can get hold of an old handheld. I’ve got one and I think I’ll give this a try (my previous attempt failed).See the Instructable here.