RPi Roundup – 5th November 2014

South Africa

Back in July, the Raspberry Pi Foundation covered a crowdfunding project to create a solar-powered computer lab in South Africa. The crowdfunding was a success and the lab is now up-and-running. At the heart of the lab is a classroom set of Pis, donated by the Foundation. You can read about the success of the lab on the Foundation’s blog.


Raspberry-Pi-send-photos-to-mobile-via-MMS-Message Mike Haldas has written a great, comprehensive tutorial about using the Pi and online service Twilio to take photos using the Pi camera and send them to a recipient via MMS message.Take a look here.


Jippo has created some software which captures images from the Raspberry Pi camera module in a time-lapse to enable you to get great night-time pictures of moving objects such as meteors, satellites and can even capture star trails. He has released all the code on his website along with a gallery of his highlights.

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