RPi Roundup – 8th October 2014

The Big News

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced that Jack Lang is stepping down from the position of Chairman of the Foundation. He’ll remain on the board as Vice Chair. The position of Chair will be filled by David Cleevely who currently sits on the board of Raspberry Pi Trading. To find out more about David, head on over to Wikipedia.


The MagPi have just published their October 2014 issue. This time, judging by the cover, there are articles on:
  • Using game console controllers with the Pi
  • Programming games using FUZE BASIC
  • An article about Matboard
  • A guide to using Git for source/version control
  • Programming an ultrasonic range finder (useful for Pi Wars!)
  • More on programming in C++
  • Generating QR codes within Minecraft Pi Edition
Download or view issue 27 here.


The New York Public Library
In June, European law enforcement agency Europol, backed by German ethical hacking company SySS, conducted an experiment in London. The experiment involved setting a mobile Raspberry Pi unit up as a wifi hotspot to allow connected devices access to the internet. It was set-up as a public hotspot so anyone could connect to it. They just had to agree to the terms and conditions… And therein lies the catch. The T&Cs contained a ‘Herod clause’ by which users agreed to hand over their first born child to the company. Although the company has no intention of enforcing it, of course, it does show that you should always be careful about what you sign up for. The hotspot also contained no encryption so anyone using it found their passwords were transmitted in plain text, according to this report from the Guardian.

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