RPi Roundup – 28th September 2014

PiTFT updated

US maker store Adafruit has updated the Raspbian images for their screen. If you have a PiTFT and want to update the software, take a look here. You can buy a PiTFT from The Pi Hut here.

Stand Up!

rob2-574x1024 Paolo Negrini has built himself a self-balancing robot using an Arduino Mega to read all the sensors and using the Pi to handle communications and data-transfer. He's printed out the chassis parts on his 3D printer. You can read more over at 3dprint.com or on Paolo’s blog.

Pi Wars

The Cambridge-based robotics competition has just announced all 24 competitors for the 6th December event. Take a look at the full list here. You can get tickets for the event by visiting this page.

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