RPi Roundup – 22nd September 2014

Eye on the Sky

A company in Sheffield, together with contributions from the local Institute of Physics, has built a telescope, primarily out of 3D-printed parts, and used the Raspberry Pi camera module to take pictures through the lens. There’s a little more information on PiKon’s blog and more on the Alternative Photonics site and you can follow them on Twitter.


Here’s a great tutorial, and accompanying video (see below), from “Android Eric” in which he describes how to use the Firmata sketch on an Arduino and a python library on the Raspberry Pi. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ap2O9WZmFtI&w=600]


Andrew Oakley’s daughter’s bedroom is plagued by goblins. So, they decided to use a Raspberry Pi to scare them off! They’ve used a PIR sensor for detection and the Pibrella for a buzzer and general connectivity. Lovely little project – check it out here for a write-up/tutorial with all the code.

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