RPi Roundup – 15th August 2014


r2_dome-288x300 California-based Andrew Langley has written a tutorial based on his experience hacking the 15″ Hasbro Interactive R2D2. He’s even included a mini-projector in the build to give R2 that realistic feel. Read about it here

For art's sake

tumblr_na5o07wpNN1tx8r9vo1_1280 Nye Thompson was invited to create a piece of artwork to be displayed at the Canal Museum in London. She took the Pi, added a camera module and a projector and created the installation, called SLURP!, so that it projected the captured images into the ice wells area of the museum. You can read more over at DesignSpark and see her code over at GitHub. The installation runs from 20th August to 12th September.

Fashionable Photo Frame

pi-photo-frame Spencer Organ has taken a Pi, the PiTFT and a USB stick, merged them all together and created a small digital photo frame. Read about how he did it here.

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