RPi Roundup – 7th August 2014

Normal service is resumed after a brief holiday!


Brynlea Gibson has created a video tutorial about streaming video from the Raspberry Pi's camera module to Windows using gstreamer. See the video below. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNvYanDLHZA?w=600]

Follow the black line

What-the-robot-sees1 Arne Baeyens is a 17-year-old student with a lot of robotics experience. This time, he's taken a Pi, a camera module and a controller board and built a line-follower robot. He entered it into the RoboCup Junior competition in May. He's excellent write-up of the algorithms he used to do the line following is available on the Foundation's blog. Read it here

Emulation Perambulation

screenshot_win3 The website "Make" has done a great summary of the different kind of obscure retro operating systems you can emulate on the Pi. Read it here.

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