RPi Roundup – 18th July 2014

Confused by cases?

Case comparison With the release of the Raspberry Pi Model B+, there are a whole load of new cases available (and more to come!) in addition to the vast choice for the model A and B. In an effort to remove some of the confusion, and misplaced purchases, The Pi Hut have created a new product comparison/picker facility that will help you choose the right case. Take a look here.

Academy status

IMG_0220.resized-500x333 The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently completed their 3rd Picademy (that's a picture of the cohort above). To tie in with this, and to persuade teachers to apply for the 4th, Clive Beale has written an excellent piece on what it means to attend this fantastic opportunity for Continuing Professional Development. Read it here.

Like what fings used to be

QmsLaDY There are lots of vintage re-use projects out there for the Pi, and there seems to be a whole sub-culture about re-using old tech and repurposing it as a Pi case. Here's a nice one - two vintage radios cannibalised and turned into a Spotify player. Lots more photos and details here.

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