RPi Roundup – 16th July 2014

The Big News

100437_3 Well, the big news is still the release of the Raspberry Pi Model B+. Here's some great coverage of the new version of our favourite credit card-sized computer: Alex Eames has also done some more investigation into the power savings when using the B+ and you can read that here.

Into every life, a little rain must fall...

FP4DRURHPYORXUW.LARGE (1) Instructables user Adum24 has built himself a box that plays rain sounds, and it's powered by the Raspberry Pi and some cheap speakers. Read how he did it here.

Now there's a novelty!

picomp “Strider19″ has turned an old novelty radio into a working computer. He carefully placed the Pi inside the case then sourced a cheap 3.5" display from Amazon, cut up the driver board a little and squeezed it in alongside. Read all about it here.

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