RPi Roundup – 3rd July 2014

The Big News

_75985832_charlesgetty2 The Pencoed-based Sony factory in Wales was sent all-a-flutter this week as Prince Charles and the Duchess of the Cornwall visited and saw the place where the Raspberry Pi is made. Read more here.

Project corner

20140625_205058 You can use Java to interact with the GPIO, with a little bit of extra programming, and Franco Raimondi has done just that. He decided to build a GoPro-alike action camera that could be attached to his cycle helmet. He uses the GPIO for a button and two LEDs and the camera module to take the video. Read how he did it here.

Summer School

Juneau Brothers instruments For kids aged 10-14, there has never been a better time to get into programming thanks to an upcoming summer school being held in Cambridge, UK. Sonic Pi: Live and Coding runs from Monday 28th July to Friday 1st August at Cambridge Junction. There are some fantastic activities on offer and you can read all about them, and how to get tickets, by visiting this page.

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