RPi Roundup – 27th June 2014

The Big News

DSC_0579-1024x514 On Monday, Eben Upton revealed to PCR that the DSI LCD display from the Raspberry Pi Foundation may be getting closer. He's just signed off on a new prototype PCB and, if all goes well, the screen could well be available by the end of the year. You can read the full piece at PCR here and read about the prototype shown off at the Manchester Raspberry Jamboree here.

Home Energy Centre

20140601_142651 Gaz99 over on the Raspberry Pi Foundation forum has developed a Home Energy Centre. According to Gaz, it uses a Pi to collect Solar PV data and Solar Thermal (hot water) information along with the weather and turn this into an easy to understand display that is displayed on a Nook Simple Touch e-reader, or a browser or smartphone. You can read more on his blog.

Podcast Launch

RasPi-Today-web-logo-final Ex-editor of Linux User and Developer magazine Russell Barnes recently went freelance and has, today, launched RasPi.today – a website hosting Pi-related podcasts. He’s released three short podcasts so far which are very enjoyable. The first features a Skype interview with Carrie Anne Philbin and reveals her journey from teacher to member of the Foundation education team. You can listen to the podcasts by heading over to the new site.

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