RPi Roundup – 25th June 2014

More on the Compute Module

RPi-Compute_700 As announced in the last round-up, the Compute Module is now available. Alex Eames from RasPi.tv bought one of the development kits and has done a walk-through of the board on his blog. Watch his video here.

Everything old is new again

crosley_radio_side_web Andy Felong has taken the case for an old radio and given it a futuristic finish by adding a Raspberry Pi, an amplifier and an LCD plus driver board and created a media centre. More details are available on his blog and, if you post in the comments, he may write the whole thing up! Read it here

Tiny add-on board hits funding target

20140613_215507 Paul Brown has invented a tiny add-on board for the Pi called MyPiFi. It gives you three LEDs and a button and is designed for those who need to learn how, or improve their, soldering skills and to program something simple. He's just reached his funding target and time is running out to buy the approx £6 board. Read more and get yours here.

Get clicking with a photography competition

rppa This one is for all you photography enthusiasts. Adafruit has just announced a worldwide competition. All you need to enter is a Raspberry Pi and either a camera module or a USB camera. More details, including how to enter, can be found on the Adafruit blog.

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