RPi Roundup – 23rd June 2014

The Big News

cm-devkit-boards The long-awaited development kit for the new Compute Module is now available from RS (£170 including VAT and delivery) and Element14 (£152 including VAT and delivery). More information about the Module's capabilities and current compatibility with Raspbian is available over on the Foundation blog.

TrueType Tutorial

IMG_5200 You can make things look a bit better on your PiTFT screen by using TrueType fonts. Here's a brief tutorial and code to help you to do it.

Project Corner

raspicaraudio Parker Reed has written up his project to allow his car stereo to play audio received over bluetooth. He did it by hooking up a Raspberry Pi with a bluetooth dongle to his car’s cigarette lighter power socket (using a USB adapter) and then altering various start-up files. A 3.5mm cable from the Pi's audio jack to the line-in on his stereo completes the set-up. You can read how he did it over on Reddit.

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