RPi Roundup – 17th June 2014

This Roundup features three great projects for the Raspberry Pi.

Audio art installation

raspberry-pi-art Dominic Wilcox and James Rutherford teamed up to create "Binaudios", an art installation project currently based in Sage Gateshead. It uses an enormous pair of “tourist binoculars” which you angle towards various landmarks and “hear” what’s going on there, with sounds from the past. Rachel Rayns from the Raspberry Pi Foundation has extensively covered the project on the Foundation’s blog, so go there to read more.

Email notifier

raspberry-pi-email Instructables employee Aleator777 has written an in-depth guide to creating an email notifier with a Pi which checks a Gmail account and then lights up if there is new email. Everything is open-sourced so you can easily convert this into your own version which could be simpler or even more complicated! Read it here



Another Instructable, this project uses a Raspberry Pi to control the environment in an aquaponics pod. A pump, a solenoid drain and temperature probes all work together in this very impressive project. Read the full Instructable here

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