RPi Roundup – 12th May 2014

The Big News

Following April's successful first Picademy, the Raspberry Pi Foundation have announced two further pairs of dates. They are: Following the success of the Picademy a couple of weeks ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced two more sets of dates which are 16th-17th June and 14th-15th July. Applications are now open. If you are in education and want to learn how to bring the Pi into the classroom, make your application here.

Pi to bring Braille to developing countries

raspberry-pi-brail A team of computer science students from BITS Pilani‘s Goa campus have started a project to help visually impaired people in India to learn Braille. Their system costs about £150, compared to professional systems which can cost in excess of £4000. With the Pi, Python and a nifty mechanised rod system, Project Mudra is under development but could soon progress to something that is affordable and workable in the developing world. Read more about it here.

Project corner

raspi-project The Average Man recently started his blog but has already proved that he's going to produce posts of real quality. Here's one of his latest - the start of a project to build a seven-segment temperature display for the Pi. Read his blog here.

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