RPi Roundup – 6th May 2014

We hope everyone had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and that you managed to get up to some Raspberry Pi-related activities!

The Big Story

camera-penguins-300w Cambridge Consultants and the Zoological Society of London have pioneered the use of the Raspberry Pi in conservation and preservation projects. Previously, they used their Pi-powered project, called Instant Wild, to monitor wildlife in Kenya to count animals and catch poachers in-the-act. They have now announced that, since January, they have been using the same equipment to monitor penguins in Antarctica. The Pi is used to send photos and data back from the unit (pictured above) via an Iridium (satellite) uplink. You can read a lot more about the project over on Cnet.com.

Raspberry Pi on TV

raspberry-pi-in-space Well known Pi expert Dave Akerman has been sending high altitude balloons up for some time now. Last year he was contacted by chef Heston Blumenthal's team who commissioned him to send up a flight with a potato inside the payload (pictured). You can read more about the launch over on Dave’s blog or catch up with the episode on 4oD

Project Corner

Luc Gallant, from Canada, wanted to make his bust of C-3PO talk. As you do. He used a Raspberry Pi and a few other components to build the hardware side. He then spent a lot of time cataloguing the various pieces of dialogue from the films and integrating them with a Python program. Read more about this weird project here or view a video of the machine in action here!

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