RPi Roundup – 3rd May 2014

The Big News


Dr Sam Aaron's been very busy working on the new version of Sonic Pi. Sonic Pi is a Ruby-based language that allows you to use programming script to create sounds and music. Release candidate 1 of version 2 is available for download from the Sonic Pi website. If you’re interested in making music with the Pi, or you’ve tried Sonic Pi before, I can thoroughly recommend trying it out!

Project corner

20140410-101528 Cyndi from Arkansas has created a spinner, controlled by a Raspberry Pi, for making yarn up into spools. You can read more on her blog.

Stuff to read

23 Speaking of Sonic Pi, there's a big feature on the new version in this month's MagPi magazine. This is issue 23 and they're celebrating their 2nd birthday. There's also some stuff on 1-wire temperature sensors, atmospheric sensors and using Scratch to interface with BrickPi. You can read or download the new issue here.

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