RPi Roundup – 1st May 2014

The Big News

sonic-pi The Raspberry Pi Foundation, Cambridge Junction and the Cambridge University Faculty of Education have been given a grant of almost £125k by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts. The money will go towards the development of Sam Aaron's Sonic Pi, which is a Ruby-like language that teaches programming through sound and music. Read more on the Cambridge News website.

Programming corner

Pibrealla Darren Christie has written some code to play a musical scale on the Pibrella’s buzzer. Take a look at the code here.

Featured project

raspberry-pi-lamb Diego Zviovich’s has created a DIY sous-vide cooker with a Pi, an MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter and a couple of thermocouples. The whole system is controlled by the Pi running the Wolfram Mathematica programming language. Read the blog post on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's site here.

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