RPi Roundup – 29th April 2014

Review corner

wolfson-front Linux User and Developer magazine has posted a generally positive review for the Wolfson Audio card. The card allows high quality input and output of audio through the GPIO pins and uses the P5 header of rev 2 Pis. Read the review here. You can buy one of these cards from The Pi Hut for £30.

Project of the day

pi-mirror Michael Teeuw has created a "magic mirror" user interface with a Raspberry Pi. It's a great project and looks extremely stylish. Fortunately, he's done a complete tutorial on how he did it and he has open-sourced his code. See how he did it on his blog

Another review!

pibrella The Pibrella is really proving popular in both home and educational circles. It's colourful, funky and functional. SmittyTone has done a good, balanced review of the board here. You can get hold of a Pibrella for £10 from our online store.

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