RPi Roundup – 26th April 2014

The Big News raspberry-pi-phone Uber-hacker Dave Hunt has made a touch-screen mobile phone concept piece with his Pi. It uses a Sim900 GSM/GPRS module which handles the communications to the mobile network and he’s using a PiTFT screen for the user interface. Read more about this on his blog.

Learn with Minecraft

raspberry-pi-learn-minecraft I spent the day today at North Hertfordshire College with Ryan Walmsley, creator of Raspberry Pi map website RasTrack, helping at NHC's Science & Engineering Festival. We used 7 Raspberry Pis running Minecraft Pi Edition to entertain dozens and dozens of kids and their parents. It was pretty much non-stop throughout the day and it was great to see kids being engaged with the Pi. Admittedly we struggled to get many of them coding with Minecraft, but we did manage to spread the Pi message to several people and got stuck in doing simple examples with Minecraft with some of the kids. To help you get started with Minecraft, Craig Richardson has done some excellent "recipe cards" which you are free to view online or print out.

Project corner

raspberry-pi-fish Blogger and journalist Lauren Orsini has been doing some great Pi projects of late. In her latest post, she expands on her aquarium temperature-monitoring project and adds an auto-tweeting warning when the fish tank overheats. Read more about it here.

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