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RPi Roundup – 23rd April 2014

It's Wednesday. I never could get the hang of Wednesdays. (With apologies to Douglas Adams)

The Big News

Raspberry-Pi-Roundup-PiBow To celebrate the manufacture of their 100,000th Pibow, Pimoroni are giving away 512 Pibows and other assorted kit to good causes, charities and educational establishments. To get hold of the equipment, all you need to do is to comment on this post on the Raspberry Pi Foundation blog explaining why you think you should get hold of it!

Assembly corner

Raspberry-Pi-Roundup-RyanTek Last week, The Pi Hut requested volunteers to write how-to assembly guides for some of the products on sale. One of these guides is for the RyanTeck Motor Controller Board. Ryan Walmsley himself has provided the instructions for this one. Read them here. You can get hold of one of these budget boards for £11 from Pi Hut.

Programming tutorial

Raspberry-Pi-Roundup-Pong Trevor Appleton has done a tutorial on creating the game of Pong using pygame and Python. He has gone through the programming line-by-line so you can learn as you go. Pong is a very simple game but it has so many aspects to it such as control, movement, collision detection and scoring. It's a great way to learn and move on to bigger and better things. Read more here.

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