RPi Roundup – 20th April 2014

We hope everyone's having a lovely Easter bank holiday weekend! Don't forget - for just a little while longer there's 10% off everything at The Pi Hut.

The Big News

raspberry-pi-screen There's been a lot of buzz this week generated by Alex Eames and the Cyntech guys who have received the latest version of their driver board for HDMIPi, the affordable HD screen for the Pi. Despite being a bit late on delivery (not uncommon for Kickstarter projects), this is a real shot-in-the-arm for their backers who are eagerly awaiting their screens. You can read a lot more about the board's capabilities on the Kickstarter update page.

Project corner

Raspberry-PI-mounted Sébastien Rinsoz has written a tutorial in which he uses a Yocto-Thermocouple to measure and record the temperature of meat in an oven. It’s connected to the Raspberry Pi which triggers the taking of readings and recording them and sending emails etc. You can read more about how he did it here.

Tutorial focus

raspberry-pi-joystick Matt Hawkins, at Raspberry Pi Spy, has written another excellent tutorial on using the MCP3008 analog-to-digital converter. This time he's worked out how to use an analog joystick with a Pi by feeding it through the chip. Read the tutorial here.

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